Fresh InTransit tracks the location of refrigerated trailers and reefers, monitors all aspects of the Carrier or Thermo King fridge unit, and provides independent wireless product-level temperature monitoring using combined telemetry and wireless technologies.

Real-time temperature, fridge operational data, and GPS fleet tracking for any number of assets can be viewed through a single cloud-based central platform and available 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Temperature and reefer fault code alarms are reported immediately via SMS and/or email to enable pro-active management. Detailed graphs and reports are available to provide an intuitive record of historical information.

100% cable-free, low-cost installation with the ability to monitor multiple parts within the box and wirelessly report open door events

Track the location of refrigerated trailers, and monitor all aspects of the performance of the fridge unit using combined telemetry and wireless technologies

Real-time temperature, reefer performance and location information for any number of assets can be viewed through a single, web-based interface, 24/7, from anywhere in the world

Get real-time product-level temperatures with the Cooltrax wireless wedge. Exposing ambient and return air temperatures to your customers and/or safety auditors brings risk and unnecessary negative perceptions

Get reefer status updates as often as you’d like. Reefer data includes Unit on/off, set point, supply and return air, operational mode, and active alarms

Allow your approved users to remotely control a Carrier or Thermo King reefer unit. Remotely control the refrigeration unit to turn it on and off, start pre-cool, change unit set point, initiate defrost, clear alarms, and change the operational mode of the reefer at any time

Monitor fuel levels in your fridges and receive notification that fuel is low or if there is evidence of fuel theft

Temperature log reports recorded and automated to eliminate manual temperature checks to comply with FSMA