Fresh inStore automatically monitors the temperature in real time your cool stores, food service fridges, retail cabinets or climate controlled facilities using our wireless tags and readers. Temperature information is sent to a web-based application where you can view all of your assets through a single interface and receive SMS or email notifications if temperatures deviate from specification.

  • Real time monitoring of cool stores, merchandise cabinets and climate controlled facilities
  • Low cost and easy to install
  • Reduced product losses and increased profit and product integrity
  • Flexible and automated reporting of objective data for all your assets supporting your KPI performance management, HACCP, AQIS, food safety and compliance requirements
  • Enhanced customer service and maintenance of brand
  • Automated reporting reduces labor costs from manual reports
  • Reduces carbon footprint from reduced electricity used through door monitoring
  • Real time visibility of all asset temperature conditions across the cold chain, anywhere in the word, 24/7
  • Secure login from anywhere at any time
  • Current and historical temperatures available via graphs, reports and digital maps (for multiple sites)
  • Notification of specified events are available via SMS and/or email
  • Temperature reports formatted to meet legislated food and safety requirements can be scheduled and emailed automatically
  • Create, view and schedule reports on key performance indicators, benchmarks and exceptions
  • Long range wireless tags for monitoring temperature in real-time
  • Interfaces to warehouse management systems
  • Use of 3G/LTE/GSM networks or LAN for high coverage and low cost data transfer