There is no part of the cold chain that introduces as many variables and risk which can affect temperature sensitive product as does your fleet. Dynamic factors such as driver behavior, reefer and trailer condition, distance to travel, and external ambient weather conditions to name a few can cause problems for products as they move from the manufacturer to the distribution center and ultimately to the store shelves for the consumer. It is because of the unique and ever changing nature of your fleet that the value of the Cooltrax temperature monitoring for your fleet is readily apparent.

Consumers and retailers are demanding greater visibility into the temperature monitoring for your fleet to ensure products have been maintained at the proper temperature during shipping. Conversely, transportation managers are looking to reduce rejected loads through real time alerts and monitoring. Cooltrax gives the transportation manager the power to react on a proactive basis to save temperature sensitive loads or, in the worst case, deploy a new shipment before the customer can reject the load. This saves both the retailer and the distributor from having to deal with product stock-out, premature product spoilage and loss of goodwill.

Whether you own and operate your assets or broker to 3rd parties, the Cooltrax system puts the "care, custody, and control" back into your team's hands with both reefer-integrated and reefer-independent sensor tags. From the supplier to your DC and beyond, you gain important visibility with seamless end-to-end monitoring of load and product-level environmental integrity to help defend against spurious product claims with defensible data.

  • Monitor problematic supplier loading behavior
  • Defend accurately against customer receipt claims
  • Provide accurate reporting on arrival and commercial change of control

Running your own assets requires an extra layer of control and managerial oversight. Regional
transportation and fleet managers can use the Cooltrax solution to improve operational performance, cost, asset efficiency, customer satisfaction, and improved profitablity by analyzing the key drivers that make-or-break - these objectives:

  • Analyze driver behavior
  • Monitor lane and route fuel consumption trends
  • View and correlate multi-stop, multi-door open/close events to route temperature set points
  • Compare company safety and product quality "best practice" SOP procedures to monitor adherence

CoolTrax Fresh inTransit delivers real time temperature, fridge performance and location information for any number of assets that can be viewed through a single, web-based interface, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Transportation and fleet managers can also use the Cooltrax solution to improve operational performance by analyzing driver behavior and better reefer management, for example, which can save gallons of fuel per day per truck. In addition, Cooltrax can help monitor adherence to company policy to promote best practices. All of these benefits lead to improved customer satisfaction and improved profitability.