Cooltrax: The market leader for real-time cold chain management of fixed and mobile assets.

"We provide real-time, exception-based temperature reporting to ensure the highest level of integrity and compliance for our customers’ cold chain and food safety.”

- Mike Sharpe - President, Cooltrax Americas

Monitor Your Cold Chain with Cooltrax Fresh™

Gain peace-of-mind. Track your trailers, pallets and cartons of product ... in near real-time. Monitor shipments to confirm proper temperature ranges for each product. More importantly, be able to ACT if you find an issue affecting the quality and integrity of your shipments - anytime, anywhere - directly from your laptop or mobile device.

For U.S. Customers

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Fresh InTransit

Track temperature, location and operation of refrigerated trailers in real-time

Fresh InStore

Monitor temperatures in cool stores, refrigerators, retail cabinets and climate controlled areas

Fresh InSide

Follow the location, handling, temperature and shelf-life of perishable products throughout the cold chain

Fresh Mobile

Monitor and control the cold chain in real-time from a variety of mobile devices